Rebirth as Casaert-Sénéchal The year 2000 saw the rebirth of the cooperation that originally began in 1986 but this time as the partnership of Casaert-Sénéchal. Clearly the base of the birds flown by Casaert-Sénéchal was that of Sébastien’s father Maurice but reinforcements were soon brought in from equally powerful lines including those of Vandenabeele, Georges Bolle and Erik Limbourg and by 2003 there emerged a powerfully blended bloodline that incorporated all four. By 2008 additional reinforcements were again marshalled including once again from Limbourg as well as from Gaston Van de Wouwer, Geert and Clara Philips and De-Smeyter Restianen. What emerged was a composite blend that clearly was much more powerful than the constituent parts.


It is difficult to write something new about Gaby Vandenabeele, something nobody already knows. His pigeons are part of the Belgian pigeon history.


Hans' father started his own furniture shop in 1928. When 16 years old Hans (76) started to work in his fathers business. He started being a no one as the junior servant but through hard work he learned everything there was to know to run such a large company.


Over 80 years of successful pigeon sport! It all started with ‘John’ Koopman. Never heard of him? Of course we mean Cornelis; his family, friends and acquaintances call him ‘John’, or ‘Johnny’. Why ‘Johnny’?


Gerard Houben started the race after the end of the Second World War, with pigeons that came from the grandfather of Jef Houben, his name was Edmond de Belder. He had a family of pure Fonne Ceulemans of Berbar pigeons and most of their present day stock birds can trace their origin back to these pigeons of the late 1940s.


In Drachtstercompagnie (Fries: Drachtster Kompenije), a village in the municipality Smallingerland, live the general champions 2008 of the province Friesland: Gea and Pieter Veenstra. Drachtstercompagnie lies in the east of the Dutch province Friesland, roughly 5 kilometres north of Drachten.


One of the ‘wonders’ was booked in Zingem in 2010, in the colony of the brothers Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede. In the 2009 edition of ‘JOS’ one of their pigeons on offer was the ‘Dream Limo’ B04-4277488… a direct son of wonder breeder

Leo Heremans

Since the end of the last century the Mecca of speed (short distance) racing in Belgium has been the town of Vorsselaar, where the tandem of Leo Heremans and Charel Ceusters ruled with an iron fist at the short and middle distances racing. In the Antwerp Union, also known as the "University of the pigeon sport", the Heremans-Ceusters were unbeatable when it came to their ability to orient quickly and pure speed racing. Many 1st prizes and many results with a series of pigeons at the top, along with the accompanying championships and ace pigeons, up to and including the National level are a noteworthy testament to their unheard of dominance.


The famous Janssen Brothers of Arendonk are among the extremely few fanciers who have made the name of their pigeons not only known around the world, but also downright legendary. Take a look at the pedigrees of the top racers and breeders in any country and chances are very high you will find Janssen birds in there somewhere. Why this bloodline is such powerful breeding material is still open to debate, as is the question how the Janssen brothers have managed to keep their family so pure across decades. Fact is that a lot of champions owe their success to crossing some Janssen blood into their family line. Although Janssen pigeons are known for their exploits on the shorter distances, they have also done very well on middle and even long distances, where their combination of speed and stamina is able to shine.