It always is a great pleasure to hear from you and at the times we personally met in Brummen it was as if we knew each other already for many years. It was a great thing to hear that your family succeeded already many years back with our pigeons which were imported in the early years into Australia. The Janssen pigeons also for us meant many great victories in the past and still also in present days.

Knowing the quality of our birds you have made another great selection during your visits in Brummen and you have imported in the meantime many superb pigeons from us into Australia. And who can say that he has direct offspring out of the world-famous ‚Euro' in his loft, probably the best Heremans-Ceusters breeder in the world being grandfather to 2 National Ace birds!! But also direct out of the ‚Schouderduif' who also is mother to the winner in the Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa. You picked also
direct daughter to 'Heracles', the new superb Heremans-Ceusters breeder in our loft and who is (grand)father to many national top birds. With a direct child of 'Kaïn' paired to his own sister you also brought in the best from the ‚Chicago' and 'Miss Saigon' family into your loft.

With in near future some more top pigeons to be imported, out of 'Rossi', 'Nieuwe Olympiade' in your breeding lofts we certainly will know that you have the very best in your loft imported direct from our lofts in Brummen. The quality of these birds will be a great boost for your stock loft and will improve the quality for the Australian pigeon sport again.

Adrian we hope to continue our friendship for many more years and we hope to see you in near future again.

Hans & Hilma Eijerkamp
Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Henk Jurriens

Hans Eijerkamp


Dear Adrian,

It was a great pleasure meeting you in Belgium in person.

I already knew from the pigeons you bought on PIPA before your visit, that you were only looking for the absolute best lofts in Europe to buy from. After your visit and our conversations, I am absolutely convinced you have the right philosophy because you are not just looking for the top lofts, but also for the very best birds in those top lofts. It is clear that only the very best is good enough for you. That is the right way to go forward! We are very happy that PIPA could assist you in buying these pigeons.

I wish you all the best in the future!

Best Regards

Thomas Gyselbrecht


Namens PIPA Holding

Thomas Gyselbrecht


"For over twenty years I have had the opportunity to meet many fanciers worldwide. When Adrian entered for the first time at my home, I immediately noticed that he was very friendly and exciting to listen to. And quickly, we have developed a friendly relationship and trust.

Adrian likes "beautiful" and "good" things and going in my loft, he selected them from a series of high quality pigeons.

I wish him success in a multitude of pigeon and I hope to be able to one day to visit him in Australia. "

Yours truly
Sébastien Casaert

Sebastien Casaert


Hello Adrian,

Just had a look at Your website. Great job!! I see You really have gathered a fantastic breeding loft.I have to admit, You had the opportunity to select Your pigeons and now 3 years later I see that several brothers/sisters to the pigeons You have bought from us in 2011 have been very good racers in 2012 and 2013. You really know what to look for in a pigeon! All the pigeons You have bought are related to the 'Jonge Artiest' so make sure You cross them with some of Your other strains for racing than I am sure this will give a boost to Your race results in the future!

All the best and thank You for keeping our strain going in Australia.

Your Friend,

Luc Houben

Luc Houben