In Drachtstercompagnie (Fries: Drachtster Kompenije), a village in the municipality Smallingerland, live the general champions 2008 of the province Friesland: Gea and Pieter Veenstra. Drachtstercompagnie lies in the east of the Dutch province Friesland, roughly 5 kilometres north of Drachten.

The village has in the region of 1200 inhabitants. Pieter (41) has owned pigeons since he was 10 years old. At first he had show pigeons, but his father managed to convince him that racing pigeons were far more interesting. Father Veenstra built a loft for the first racing pigeons from old materials: for example, the floor was an old door. After about six months Pieter built a loft all by himself that measured approximately four by two metres.


At this moment Gea and Pieter are members of P.V. De Pelikaan in Houtigehage. This is a club with about twenty racing members. Pieter takes care of the upkeep of the pigeons.

Gea trains the pigeons (she takes the pigeons away for the training races), catches the youngsters for basketting for the (trainings) races and takes care of the entire pigeon administration. Last year Gea regularly took her three young children, Gerrit, Arjen and Hilde, with her to the youngster’s lofts and sometimes the dog was also allowed in the lofts. Pieter was furious, but the fact was that the youngsters became very tame and they had a super season with the youngsters.

The basis of their pigeon stock is formed by the Koopman-pigeons: “Dirky”, a son of the world famous “Kleine Dirk”, and “Mr. Surhuizum”, a son of “Noble Blue x Lioba”. “Mr. Surhuizum” is amongst other things the father of “Mr. Blue”, who in 2003 was the 3rd best cock of WHZB and in 2004 1st best cock WHZB!

In addition Pieter has always bought top pigeons to strengthen his own stock. He twice bought the best 1-day long distance pigeon WHZB.

He bought an Ace pigeon eleven times. By the building up of his own stock, their preference lies with the 1-day long distance races. New purchases are always pigeons that have won multiple prizes in big races (against a few thousand pigeons) and preferably with a head wind. Pieter and Gea prefer to race the NPO-races. They acquired the taste in 1999 when they raced national Orleans youngsters, a race with a north easterly wind, and in the evening 10 of the 17 pigeons had returned home and the other fanciers in their club hadn’t anything. They raced nationally the 1, 4, 5, 7, 11 etc.