All about racing pigeons of Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp

Hans’ father started his own furniture shop in 1928. When 16 years old Hans (76) started to work in his fathers business. He started being a no one as the junior servant but through hard work he learned everything there was to know to run such a large company. In 1951 Hans took over the business of his father. In 1983 Hans’ son Evert-Jan (51) came to aid his father and 2 years later his other son, Hans-Jaap (50) followed. Starting in 2000 Hans decided to give his sons more and more duties and responsibilities and today both brothers running the company. Hans still is the commissioner of the ever-growing Eijerkamp Empire, which also has businesses in Apeldoorn and Veenendaal and over 300 people, are now employed in the furniture business. The traits with which he achieved the highest possible function in his company are enthusiasm and ambition, his urge to achieve the highest possible that lay within his abilities. Thanks to these traits, the Hans Eijerkamp and Sons lofts are the best All-round lofts in the Netherlands. Just like his father, Evert-Jan is obsessed with pigeons.  The sport is being exerted with an iron discipline. It is needed because success is only possible by doing this. A whole lot of work needs to be done to attain success with the racing (homing) pigeons in Brummen.


Hans Eijerkamp and Sons

The loft manager of these racing (homing) pigeons is Gerard Boesveld (46). He’s able to use 1 loft divided in 4 sections. Gerard races with 70 hens on the widowhood system and he participates in every race up to the One-day races. Gerard is a true specialist with hens. Gerard thinks that hens can cope with a lot more. When the weather is less clear hen’s race better then cocks. Hans Eijerkamp also is convinced about hens being mentally stronger then cocks. Before getting the hens in a basket they are shown to their partners. Gerard also looking after the top breeding birds at the Eijerkamp lofts. Together with Henk Jurriens and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp they select the hens and cocks that will be paired to numerous super pigeons. A part of these super pigeons is housed in exclusive breeding boxes, to secure 100% that youngsters bred from these champion pigeons are bred out of them.

Team Eijerkamp
Many other people are involved with the Eijerkamp racing (homing) pigeons. General manager Henk Jurriëns, right-hand man of Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, is for many fanciers abroad the representative of Team Eijerkamp. He is looking after the selecting of the breeding pairs, he is host for the many people visiting the Eijerkamp lofts and he also assist fanciers in word in deed all over the world.


 Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Gerard Boesveld & Hans Eijerkamp

Years of success
Team Eijerkamp is glowing with pride as what they have managed to achieve in the pigeon sport over the years, with multiple National Ace pigeons, National victories, NPO victories, prominent titles and a cartload of victories to our names…doesn’t require any further explanation. The dominating pigeon game with which they won multiple ‘Ace pigeons’, and that is based on a special ‘origin rich breeding well’… is proof of extraordinary ‘World-class’! It won’t surprise anyone that in the near future more ‘rich apples’ will fall in the luxurious orchard in Brummen.