The sport of pigeon racing is a prestigious sport that can only be defined as unique. For many fanciers it has always been a great challenge to try to develop a successful strain of pigeons. Practically from birth I have been surrounded by pigeons, starting as a hobby between my father and his two brothers I got to learn what was involved in having pigeons like the work and effort that needs to be put in, in order to see the results you want. I learnt that you can have the best birds possible but if you are not willing to spend the time and put in the hard yards then you will never truly experience the true full potential of the birds. Even though my father and his two brothers did experience a lot of great success while racing pigeons it was always their dream to go Europe and meet these all time greats, from listening to their detailed conversations and discussing the weekly results in Europe I began to understand how truly evolved the European racing game was. I would describe it as a life long dream that needed to be fulfilled, forever there was a sense of curiosity about these champions. Gaining knowledge and experience from my father it is now one of my life ambitions to truly understand what pigeon racing consists of and how some of the greats such as Gaby Vandenabeele, Sebastien Casaert, Hans Eijerkamp,Luc Houben, Gerard Koopman, Pieter Veenstra, Leo Hereman and of course the famous Janssen Brothers achieved such marvellous results.

Over the past several years the team at Dynamic Lofts Australia has been fortunate enough to be in the presence of all of these all time greats and ask them the questions that everyone is wanting to know. All of these infamous fanciers have based their lifetime analogies on having super pigeons. In order to achieve such great success in this loving sport we must begin with having the correct pigeons. So this is what Dynamic Lofts Australia is all about simply obtaining the best of the best.

Dynamic lofts are now the proud owners to some of the finest pigeons that have ever come out of these lofts. These birds are no ordinary type of bird they have all been specially selected by the owners and our team here at dynamic lofts Australia to ensure the highest quality possible for both breeding and racing pigeons.

Our objective within the next few years is to have our birds in all states throughout Australia, competing at the highest level of competition. We believe that we can achieve this with the support of the entire pigeon fraternity with in Australia. Dynamic lofts Australia is all about the pigeon feternity we want the very best for all fliers in order to make the sport strive and grow. We are willing to support any federation or club in order to see the sport stay strong and grow.

We will guarantee all purchasers with the highest quality of pigeons. We believe that our consumers deserve the very best in both service and quality, we want to give our clients the very best in order to see the pigeon fraternity grow. This is why dynamic lofts Australia is willing to sell any bird at a fair and reasonable price. We are not a flying pigeon stud, Dynamic Lofts Australia is a one off and very unique type of loft.