Gaby Vandenabeele

 It is difficult to write something new about Gaby Vandenabeele, something nobody already knows. His pigeons are part of the Belgian pigeon history. The names of his best breeders like “Kleinen” and “Wittenbuik” are known all over the world where pigeons are flying. Who wouldn’t want to have children or grandchildren out of these super ancestors ? A lot is spoken and written about these cracks; they even made video films about these pigeons. Is there something that isn’t already said about the pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele ? I really can’t imagine… There are no secrets in Dentergem, only that there are extraordinary birds. By talking to many different pigeon fanciers I found out that they all are very interested in how they came to build such a succesful colony…Probably the best colony in Belgium ! And in the world ?
Louis Janssen is getting very old…the latest brother of the famous Janssen dynasty. Well in my opinion, the world is ready for a new legend, born with the name Gaby Vandenabeele…

The time of the “Kleinen”


The house of the Vandenabeele family was build in 1977 with a loft in the back of this house. The first pigeons that moved to this brand new loft came from his father Gentiel who also was a fantastic fancier in the West Flanders, when it came down to the middle distance races. The base of Gentiel was build up around the pigeons of the famous loft Valère Desmet-Matthys (Nokere), Pol Bostyn (Moorslede) and Lucien Verstraete (Deinze). So the pigeons of father Gentiel were also at the base of the colony of Gaby. Three lines;being the line of the “Kleinen”, the “Bijter” and the “Groten” became the pillar of the success of the colony in Dentergem. I once called them the carrying pillars of the base of Gaby but as I already explained earlier that one pillar can stand more weight than the other… So throughout the years it became clear that the pillar of the line of the “Kleinen” was the strongest and that’s why most of the descendants came out of this bird. But let’s find out all about it…

The Kleinen , B 81-3238253, was breeder N°1 for many years. He never saw a basket but still, the rush to the top of the Belgian pigeon sport

Gaby bred the Kleinen himself and the luck was all on his side, as they used to say in our sport. The father of “Kleinen”, the “Zitterke”, B 80-4055428, was borrowed of Jozef Delodder of Zulte, after he flew a first prize from Orléans with very hot weather and strong wind. The “Zittterke” only could stay for a short time at Gaby’s and at that moment he didn’t seem to have the proper hen in his own team. The best hens were already coupled and so Gaby went to his good friend Gilbert Van Parijs, who used to play very hard with his youngsters at the time. Gilbert immediately offered his “Ameyeke” B77-3064419, to pair against the “Zitterke”. This Ameyeke was one of his best hens.

Already as a youngster this bird flew like no other and afterwards she also proved to be a perfect breeding hen. So the world famous ” Kleinen” was the product of the couple “Zitterke” & “Ameyeke”. The “Kleinen” got his name because he was a rather small pigeon but later on he belonged to the middling size. Paired to the “Goed Jong 76” of father Gentiel, the Kleinen immediately became sire of the “Picanol” B82-3258240, a true superbird that reached the title of provincial Ace Pigeon already as a yearling. Later on he also seemed to take care of very good descendants at the breeding section. One of his best daughters, was the Sissi, B88-3206088, which became the base hen at the loft of the famous Dutch fancier Ad Schaerlaeckens…